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Enhance your homes curb appeal with new siding!


For high-performance vinyl siding or classic wood siding, Hiester Construction, Inc. has the products and the installation expertise to make the exterior of your home look great.


New siding is one of the fastest ways to boost curb appeal.  With all the colors, textures, and materials you can choose from, you'll have a lot to consider and our professionals will help explain your options. Here are a few of the most important factors to take into you consideration:


  • Energy efficiency savings
  • Protection from extreme weather
  • Home comfort improvements
  • Durability
  • Low maintenance level
  • Progressive foam backing


When you schedule a consultation with our team,

we'll present you with all your options and help you

determine which siding type best fits your needs and budget.

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Cedar Shake Siding & Trim

Cedar Shakes feature the luxurious look of real cedar shakes and are reversible for a staggered or straight edge look. If you like that rustic feel, Cedar Shakes Siding is the way to go.


  • Easy installation of lap siding with staggered or straight edge options in one versatile piece
  • Suitable for an entire house or as a decorative accent
  • Pre-primed for exceptional paint adhesion and easy maintenance


Vinyl Siding & Trim

Vinyl Siding is America's most popular siding. It offers vast selection of styles and colors, available for every budget. There are various product lines with woodgrain and smooth finishes.


  • Practically maintenance free
  • 10x the life expectancy of traditional wood
  • Impervious to termites and wood boring insects and pests
  • Numerous styles, patterns, and colors to create the perfect look
  • Budget friendly


Wood Panel Siding & Trim

The rich look of wood panel siding offers all the warmth and look of traditional wood siding. Get a clean and stylish look with durable wood panel siding. Available in various colors and textures.


  • Natural look of real cedar
  • Stronger and longer lasting than traditional wood trim and siding
  • Customizable for any vision
  • Durable


Is your siding damaged and need repair?


There are many ways to damage siding. Anything from a wild throw during a friendly game of baseball in the front yard, or a minor slip up with the trimmer can bust vinyl siding.  Hail, high wind, and other storm related accidents can cause damage to siding.


Thankfully, you don't always need to replace the siding on your entire home.  As expert siding contractors, we can often repair damaged siding by replacing just the broken pieces. However, there are a few things to keep in mind when trying to replace just a few pieces, or even one side of a home.


  • Siding colors or styles have often been discontinued, making a perfect match difficult
  • Sun fades siding differently on each side of the home


Whatever your siding needs may be, repair or replacement, contact the building professionals of Hiester Construction, Inc. to get your no obligation, FREE ESTIMATE by calling 815-235-7766.




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